OUT NOW ON 93DOT93: Various Artists, ‘femNOISE #2’, 1/APR/18

Now, aren’t y’all sick already of posts beginning ‘why isn’t there more women in (insert profession or art discipline)?

It’s so popular these days, to do that – perpetuate some moaning, mopy or at times hysterical discourse in which women are viewed as a class of humans with special needs which need to be more included in all areas of contemporary life.

At 93DOT93, we do not believe this to be true. As the saying goes, ‘every man and woman is a star’.

That golden nugget deep inside our chest can be brought to ignite a true self in each and every one of us – men, women, children, those who find all these categories a burden or obsolete… But there is no denying that there is a certain unhinged and wild element to creativity in women (NOT ‘female’ creativity – since we do believe it to be universal, no matter what the hype sometimes suggests) that is not so often found in art done by men. This is evident, it needs no theory to support it. So, just like our previous installment of femNOISE series – and indeed as the entire series, as it is conceived, will continue to do, this release instead goes to celebrate what we have instead of despairing over what we still don’t – it chooses to revel in the bright, burning light of some particular ♀ stars. We present You with the second volume of femNOISE!


Cover art and artwork included in a download by Dragana Dubljević // lavirintArt

Much to our delight, this one grew in length compared to the first 4-way split EP, and it brings what once was a long play record amount of new and unpublished music by some of our very favorite brujas dealing in unholy businesses of poetry and noise – a brand new, exclusive (well, for now) track by delightful Umbra (we cannot recommend her recent EasternDaze/Baba Vanga album ‘Unglued’ enough!), one of the fiercest experimentators in regional post-industrial waters, new and demo tracks by seasoned digital punk she-wolf and international DJane Tamara Dinka (once of Ilegalne emocije fame) and an entire live poetry ritual DO YOUR THING STORM! by a poetesse duo of Ana Seferović and Tamara Šuškić aided by psychedelick industrial noisemonger Tearpalm, that took place in 2013. in a small, packed art space in Belgrade’s historical bohemian nest Skadarlija, as a (debatable) warm-up for Bulgarian cassette culture veterans Legendary Poptones. The entire show has been remastered (by our faithful HiveStudio) and split into tracks for Your convenience.

As it was the case with first femNOISE release, this one also features an awesome female visual artist – this time it’s Dragana Dubljević, printmaker, collage artist, clothes designer and poet from Novi Sad, founder of lavirintArt studio for printmaking, aritstic embroidery and redesigned urban fashion. Bancamp download includes an entire 12 page booklet of her astonishing collage work, with clickable links to her stores online – which, needless to say, we recommend You check out, since they are brimming with cool clothes, art and vintage stuff.

Finally, this release is a part of our fundraising ØØØ edition, so feel free head over to official 93DOT93 Bandcamp page and grab it for free or whatever you feel like giving.

Alternatively, You can just go here, and shower us with money 🙂 We’ll put it to good use.


‘So Cease to Resist. Relax and enjoy the PandaemonAeon.’



Witch house, now THAT escalated quickly, did it not? At one point it seemed as though it might be the grunge of 21st century: dark, distorted, drug-fueled, with aesthetics far broader and more influential than the alleged ‘movement’ itself – and ultimately assimilated into mainstream in a blink of an eye. And then recycled by fakes and their masters ad nauseam. It also might have seemed that the spiritual renewal that Alan Chapman prophesied in one of his books, with exponential growth of interest in all things magick in the West throughout past few decades, is finally showing its unicornish mug behind tainted and shat upon rainbow of our hopes and dreams. But mostly what happened is time getting tighter together, faster and faster, to a final crunch right ahead of us. SALEM are goners, WHITE RING too; SINS took of his mask and went on to produce more traditional dance music, oOoOO is… ah, forget it. It’s all gone now, isn’t it?

Of course not. As much as the whole thing faded into something bordering on a fad, nothing is ever over. Influences linger and people continue making music. About the self-released 2014 debut by faceless South Serbian producer and Chaos Magick aficionado, I Vacation in Your Hell zine wrote at some point: ‘There are moments when the witch surfaces, but this album is mostly a showcase of the journey of sound. Makes me proud to know bitches are making music this beautiful. Carry on.’

So, on this neat date of 18. 1. 18. we are proud to present the sophomore release by this drag / screwgaze / industrial one-man act – unlike aforementioned debut which strayed into trip-hop and Burial-influenced atmospherics, DRAG†BONES shows reinvigorated enthusiasm for industrial roots of whatever kind of post-whatever is witch house being passed for these days. Less chopped & screwed, more hard-hitting and distorted than its predecessor, it is guaranteed to stir some evil within just about any fan of industrial influenced dance music, not only SALEM nostalgics.

Be sure to check it out here, and show us some love.




Sometimes we just can’t let go.


On Austin Osman Spare’s birthday, we treat you to some of the coldest, darkest, most minimal synth-driven ambient music to ever appear on 93DOT93. Five uneasy pieces dedicated to failure to move on – beyond knowledge, beyond body, beyond ego, beyond language. Some of us disagree with the answer to the ultimate question. And that’s perfectly okay.

Listen to it and/or buy it (paid download gets you two bonus tracks) at our official Bandcamp page.

OUT NOW ON 93DOT93: Dunduew/Tearpalm, ‘LIVE2010’ 1/MAY/2017

What is it that Beltane fires should burn away?


Album cover by Hive Studio, source image by Ves (video)

If I can remember it correctly, it was like this: the proposal came from Tamara, through Mihajlo – why don’t we do it live, on air, at Novi Radio Beograd (Serbian for: New Radio Belgrade), which at the time was temporarily nested at 20/44, one of Belgrade’s favorite after dark joints. Instantly, I loved the idea: not only that Mihajlo’s industrial project Dunduew, was a brotherly musical endeavor (we had already shared a stage before to a mutual satisfaction) but Tearpalm as a live outfit was in its peak form – we even had studio rehearsals prior to this one. Last addition to this nite’s magick was Nenad ‘Johhny’ Racković, perhaps Belgrade’s wildest long-lasting underground visual and multimedia artist, actor and writer – and he was to VJ through the whole thing.

And he DID: using mostly pieces of his outrageous previous video work and volumes of dark and brutal porn which, combined with the fact that we were scheduled afore a sizzling house music party caused interesting commotions in the audience during the show. Or so I was told, since I noticed very little while shredding guitar and abusing keyboards.

Anyhow, the show was and still is one of my personal favorites: be it rapid, heartbeat-like machinery and Suicide-ish (think Frankie Teardrop, but LOUDER) death chants of Dunduew, or our own psychedelick reeling with fits of industrial noise rage, and singing in trance-induced temporary madness (or touch of Gnostic light, as I felt about it then), it did capture a perfect moment in our live history together, and makes a good start for the ‘purge’ announced here earlier this year. This was also the last time our original live member Miloš played with us, contributing some mean guitars to I Was a Terrible Son .666 (arguably the best live version we ever did) and Ka punom obliku.

DSC00905 (2)

Dunduew and Tearpalm join forces for the finish. Photo: Jelena Marković

Album is available through 93DOT93 official Bandcamp page, for a well-known uniform fee; it is a remastered and slightly remixed (to contain some ambiance from from video document of the evening, filmed by our dear friend Ves) perfect soundboard out recording, and IT KICKS ASS. But don’t take my word for it – feel free to head over to our Bandcamp and check it out.

May Beltane fires burn away all but joy of life within us all!

OUT NOW ON 93DOT93: Tearpalm, ‘Duh .418’ 2/FEB/2017


First Tearpalm release in a while is out now, as announced. It is a grim offering, much in the same vein as the material previously released here as a part of ØØØ Edition, albeit far more removed from any source of light. Produced crudely and at points left at a stage of a bedroom sketch (most notably on Nova smrt, its only vocal-driven track), it is both consistent with project’s early days of sound manipulation and lo-fi noise and violently different from psychedelic, occult themed post-industrial electronica developed by the band over the years of playing live. Resembling the DIY ethos of 80s cassette culture and first wave black metal, this opener of an announced series of releases planned for project’s 10th anniversary leads the listener out of any map of music industry, into uncharted fringes of alienated, socially challenged experience of its author, a tapestry of death-obsessed escapism and hysterical notions of futility underlying our life’s struggles.

Paid download gets you a bonus, a massive ambient piece (and, in addition to Poslednji dah, perhaps the most ‘listenable’ track of the whole release) Bardo Chönyid – named after a Tibetan idea of nightmarish realm between death and rebirth awaiting those uncapable of letting go, plus an excerpt of a analogue radio recording around which the title track is built.

NOT for everyone. But then, what is?

Get it here.