OUT NOW ON 93DOT93: Various Artists, ‘femNOISE EP #1’, 22/DEC/15


‘Secret Life of Trees IV’ by Irena Kazazić

Now, with the end of December approaching fast, various Marys come to mind. Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Mary the Jewess, Mary won’t you call my name – but what if all of them were just ONE, universal woman? Mary, mother of Christ – what if she was merely a teacher, conveyer of wisdom, thus bringing out a saviour in us all? If Christ never existed, save as a pinnacle of humanity in all of us, reached via this wisdom, female wisdom?

True virgin birth, that would be.

Continuing 93.93s ØØØ Edition, a Winter Solstice treat of noise made by Women is here! From delicious, gloomy, rhythmic noise of Eärwen Dies, via okkvlt scented percussive industrial EBM of MetaKhaos and unrestrained non-computer noise of visdomstann, all the way to krautish vibes with Eastern bent delivered by Edipa_D, this first instalment in hopefully long lasting series to be is now at Your very finger tips – and it’s free!

Cover art is a detail of above displayed piece by Irena Kazazić, a cool artist You should check out when You get the time. Also featuring a PDF with scans of her recent ‘Secret Life of Trees’ series.

Merry Yule to all!

93.93 Headquarters


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