ØØØ Edition

ØØØ Edition is a fundraising subsection of 93.93 Publishing – a special download-only series of releases which will not be released elsewhere, mostly material recorded exclusively for this cause. 93.93 does not believe in music industry, and relies solely on stubbornness, artistic drive, good will and support of those few rare souls out there who will actually go on and help – because they NEVER need to be persuaded into doing so. These releases will be available only through official 93.93 Publishing page on Bandcamp, and are the only 93.93 releases that will be offered for free download, with option to pay as much as one finds fit.

List of ØØØ Edition releases scheduled so far is as follows >>>


Various Artists – IN NO ORDER OF IMPORTANCE: A 93.93 Album

A compilation showcasing first wave of artists associated with 93.93 Publishing, many of which are expected to have some of their new or previously unreleased material with us in foreseeable future.

Released on July 31st, 2015.


Tearpalm – I. M. E.

A special single track release in several movements, brand new and exclusive material by Tearpalm, preceding the long delayed release of their third full-length album, coming this Fall. As usual, deep and tenebrous psychodelic voyage with hints of avant-garde bent love for the awkwardness and disquiet in music.

Released on August 13th, 2015.


Various Artists – femNOISE EP #1

From delicious, gloomy, rhythmic noise of Eärwen Dies, via okkvlt scented percussive industrial EBM of MetaKhaos and unrestrained non-computer noise of visdomstann, all the way to krautish vibes with Eastern bent delivered by Edipa_D, this first instalment in hopefully long lasting series to be

Released on December 22nd, 2015.


If you are a blogger, reviewer, music journalist DJ or promoter, click here.

Ako ste bloger, recenzent, muzički novinar, DJ ili promoter, klinknite ovde.

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