93.93 is not Your average music label.

Keeping that in mind, we do not really go for profit. Money is most welcome, since even the most zealous DIY approach to making and promotion of music costs money – but even there we care more about some non-monetary aspects of the whole thing. So there are a few simple rules on pricing we established, now that releases we’re not giving away for free are starting to pile up, and they are as follows:

  1. Since we like funny numbers AND we value each artist we represent equally, all our releases are to be priced in uniform fashion – 6.66 EUR per album/EP/whatever;
  2. But, given that we’d rather sell physical releases where and when available we will, with every physical release (USB, etc.), cut down the price of it’s download counterpart in Bandcamp store to 3.33 EUR – physical releases are to be priced in uniform fashion as well: 7.77 EUR;
  3. Let it be noted that we’re not actually going to pursue any line of action if our releases are stolen; we are really aware that there is no way of making people pay for the music or art. We do rely on good will and understanding on public’s part that we are all struggling to make our shit. So, if you find our stuff on torrent sites, or simply use or something similar to rip it to a crappy 128kbps mp3, it’s fine. But we welcome financial support as well;
  4. ØØØ Edition releases will always be free and download-only; however, some money would be fine, you stingy bastards 🙂


Stay tuned!

93.93 Headquarters