OUT NOW ON 93DOT93: Various Artists, ‘femNOISE #2’, 1/APR/18

Now, aren’t y’all sick already of posts beginning ‘why isn’t there more women in (insert profession or art discipline)?

It’s so popular these days, to do that – perpetuate some moaning, mopy or at times hysterical discourse in which women are viewed as a class of humans with special needs which need to be more included in all areas of contemporary life.

At 93DOT93, we do not believe this to be true. As the saying goes, ‘every man and woman is a star’.

That golden nugget deep inside our chest can be brought to ignite a true self in each and every one of us – men, women, children, those who find all these categories a burden or obsolete… But there is no denying that there is a certain unhinged and wild element to creativity in women (NOT ‘female’ creativity – since we do believe it to be universal, no matter what the hype sometimes suggests) that is not so often found in art done by men. This is evident, it needs no theory to support it. So, just like our previous installment of femNOISE series – and indeed as the entire series, as it is conceived, will continue to do, this release instead goes to celebrate what we have instead of despairing over what we still don’t – it chooses to revel in the bright, burning light of some particular ♀ stars. We present You with the second volume of femNOISE!


Cover art and artwork included in a download by Dragana Dubljević // lavirintArt

Much to our delight, this one grew in length compared to the first 4-way split EP, and it brings what once was a long play record amount of new and unpublished music by some of our very favorite brujas dealing in unholy businesses of poetry and noise – a brand new, exclusive (well, for now) track by delightful Umbra (we cannot recommend her recent EasternDaze/Baba Vanga album ‘Unglued’ enough!), one of the fiercest experimentators in regional post-industrial waters, new and demo tracks by seasoned digital punk she-wolf and international DJane Tamara Dinka (once of Ilegalne emocije fame) and an entire live poetry ritual DO YOUR THING STORM! by a poetesse duo of Ana Seferović and Tamara Šuškić aided by psychedelick industrial noisemonger Tearpalm, that took place in 2013. in a small, packed art space in Belgrade’s historical bohemian nest Skadarlija, as a (debatable) warm-up for Bulgarian cassette culture veterans Legendary Poptones. The entire show has been remastered (by our faithful HiveStudio) and split into tracks for Your convenience.

As it was the case with first femNOISE release, this one also features an awesome female visual artist – this time it’s Dragana Dubljević, printmaker, collage artist, clothes designer and poet from Novi Sad, founder of lavirintArt studio for printmaking, aritstic embroidery and redesigned urban fashion. Bancamp download includes an entire 12 page booklet of her astonishing collage work, with clickable links to her stores online – which, needless to say, we recommend You check out, since they are brimming with cool clothes, art and vintage stuff.

Finally, this release is a part of our fundraising ØØØ edition, so feel free head over to official 93DOT93 Bandcamp page and grab it for free or whatever you feel like giving.

Alternatively, You can just go here, and shower us with money 🙂 We’ll put it to good use.

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