OUT NOW ON 93DOT93: Dunduew, ‘Frape Duplais’ 25/NOV/2015



“Sleazy died last night… Tonight we’re playing for eternity.”

This would be a loose translation of a text message I’ve received from Dunduew, a little short of five years ago now. I was drunk on the street somewhere in downtown Belgrade, pulling myself together to go back home and have some sleep as the day breaks. I remember, though memory indeed b fvkt – I remember this, or this is how I want to remember it.

And I remember murky inside of Underworld club, shaken irregularly with passing trolley car and subway vibes (‘the void rumbles in, like the underground train’), and herein lies the reason I am starting this announcement with this memory – this excavated 40-minute tour de force of nightmarish and druggy, glitchy, qliphothic mirror of dance oriented, albeit strictly minimal electronica to me is the perfect soundtrack for an aftermath of every party night I’ve spent in clubs, ever.

And adjacent piece, my own reworking of a Dunduew original from the possible ‘Frape’ series, executed live with man himself on the night of our joined tribute to a great influencer and indeed a great man, Peter Christopherson, is to me a perfect companion to this soundtrack. To this day, it fills me with the same infernal feeling of slumber in empty party halls, and apartments which shelter tired and intoxicated bodies, as they crave rest.


93.93 invites You to taste, sample and perhaps grab Yourself a copy of it’s catalogue number 002, Frape Duplais, by Dunduew. You can do it all here.

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OUT NOW ON 93DOT93: Pt/Tearpalm, ‘Drugi’ 12/OCT/2015


Indeed, this year the birthday of The Great Beast 666 gives birth to …well, another beast. Much anticipated, at least by those who are familiar with sounds of this psychedelic combo, their follow up to 2012’s “Osvit” (Serbian for daybreak) brings a fresh twist from retro, prog-ish atmosphere of the debut, towards edgier psychedelia, okkvlt rock and ‘avant-garage’ (which they seem to have happilly adopted from early stars of independent quirk, Pere Ubu).

Enjoy number ØØ1 in 93DOT93 catalogue! Get it here.

Paid download gets You exclusive 17-minute bonus track, all official videos in phone-friendly 480p resolution (slightly remastered, let us not forget!), artwork and perhaps a satisfaction of being a supporter of one-of-a-kind label that 93DOT93 is in this part of the world.

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Video: Pt/Tearpalm – Loop 999 (Čovek sa pokvarenom filmskom kamerom)

MMM///keys, samples, lyrics, voice
Dimitrije///digital bass, synths
Edipa D///drum programming

thanks /// driver @ Daredevil Gamer Show, Radovan Popović

“Autumn sheaves and red leaves’ fall” – 93.93 is pleased to celebrate this Equinox with a new far-out psychedelic psyber thing from Pt/Tearpalm.

Join us for a ride!

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Pt/Tearpalm is a collaboration between Željko Ljubić Pt, Serbian guitar player known for his work with a number of indie bands, most notably Goribor, of which he is a founder member, and which gained significant fame on ex-Yugoslavian spaces, and experimental electronic outfit Tearpalm, occult-driven postindustrial music project with a psychedelic bent.

This is an official promotional video for the first single from their upcoming release. Support them when the moment comes: https://9393.bandcamp.com/releases

Official Soundcloud Page: https://soundcloud.com/pt-tearpalm
Offficial Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/PtTearpalm/1587136038187736

Presenting: Tearpalm – I. M. E. (2015)


One of the most peaceful times from my childhood in ever-dissolving family was long hours of staring into ashes under the magic of glowing ember, in a wood-fed stove that kept us warm… I saw entire worlds in there. Not only mountains of ash, but a vast totality of invisible existence, ghosts and desert dwellers, worlds of ash and glow, silent and peaceful, almost holy. Not whole of this musical piece, made under appalling circumstances of a forced social demise of an artist within me, a Dark Night of the Soul if You will, a period of cowering in a belly of a whale, is a reflection on this distant and wonderful quiet – but surely, it constitutes it’s most beautiful parts for me. It is also incomplete in some sense, since I do not die easily, and despair does not last long with some of us I guess, but it is a monument to this sudden flash of distant memory that probably would not come to me if things were less dramatic.


Listen to it here, and feel free to drop in a coin or two to support 93.93, there are many great things pending, and it will be most welcome.

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Presenting: Various Artists – IN NO ORDER OF IMPORTANCE: a 93​.​93 Record!


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First release of ØØØ Edition is finally here, dear uneasy listeners. re proud to present this almost 3-hour long multiverse of exclusive hits and anti-hits, with a genre span (if it isn’t too stupid to speak of genres in 2015.) from drag, witch, post-whatever to darkwave, variuos ambient forms, even musique concrete, psychedelic rock and sadcore / doom metal. Some wonderful artists here for You, and loads of music to dance, dream and take drugs to.
Stay tuned.
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A 93.93 Record

31. 7. 15.





















…and more!

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Why so Sirius?

A loving cover of (indeed) Legendary Pink Dots’ Needles (Version Sirius) from The Pre-Millennial Single, 1998. Band felt that the time is right to express building tension of world turning fascist again, as seen from the one of the places fascism never really left. To cease to exist as an act of utmost dignity under humiliating circumstances of a society gone rabid with greed, insensitivity, stupidity and violence – truly an old moral conundrum, which everyone will face eventually, provided they live long enough. What originally was a work of a last living genius of psychedelic music, a stunning introspection of a Solar Temple cult member explaining the raw deal to his kid, became a guitar-driven wail from Balkan-bred mud and despair.
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MMM///electronics, keys, voice
Pt///six strings that drew blood
Miloš Dabetić///bass
Edipa Dabetić///additional drum programming

Original song by Edward Ka-Spel / Legendary Pink Dots
Listen / Buy it from the artist directly: https://legendarypinkdots1.bandcamp.c…
Translation / adaptation to Serbian / additional lyrics: MMM

Video by:
MMM (crappy 8mm camcorder, found footage, editing, some post-production, sigil magick)
MM (chief post-production, visual fx, additional found footage, some editing)

Be sure to visit MM online: