OUT NOW ON 93DOT93: Nikola Nežit, ‘Triad’ 1/NOV/2016

‘Feathers need to change, but the wings will stay the same’


‘Triad’ artwork by Stefan Mrkonjić, 2016.


In Jacob’s Ladder, a chiropractor angel tells a dying man about Meister Eckhart’s teaching of the nature of Hell and our connection to it. Only part that suffers therein is the part of us that resists change – until burned away and changed all the same. Changes have a natural tendency to drive us towards divinity inside and outside ourselves, death being the final transformation we have to face. Our inability to accept this creates loss, which might be a defining feature of human condition. Loss is equally unavoidable as death and there is but one way around both – acceptance.

Nežit’s new offering is a track record, a grimoire if You will, of striving towards and finally achieving that acceptance. A tremendous personal loss and facing new realities of survival in a country currently transitioning from former Eastern Bloc bad to new Western colonial worse pushed the envelope set by his ODDOT-era material further towards – pop, of all things. Because compelling stuff never needed additional harshness. Minimal, crisp but at the same time raw and even garage-like overall sound, Nežit’s own completely lyrics-oriented and almost hip-hop styled vocal delivery, richly embellished with female vocals, occasional hammering pianos, sampled orchestral stabs and at times truly melancholic guitar-driven sections is what marks this set of shapely pop songs; no solos, no nonsense, just powerful verses and choruses that stick. Three-sided revelations 4 YouTube generation.

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93DOT93 is back – in black!


It is often said that all fortunes come in threes; three is also, as we very well know from a certain old movie, optimal number of saboteur agents working together. Nikola Nežit proposes an universe of three-sided revelations on his 3rd overall release and his full-length debut. Triad brings lore of abrupt changes, tears of rage and battle cries, all cast into pop gems through die hard DIY approach to musicmaking for the twilight of Infomaniac Age.

Scheduled for release on November 1st, on 93DOT93 official Bandcamp page.

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