‘So Cease to Resist. Relax and enjoy the PandaemonAeon.’



Witch house, now THAT escalated quickly, did it not? At one point it seemed as though it might be the grunge of 21st century: dark, distorted, drug-fueled, with aesthetics far broader and more influential than the alleged ‘movement’ itself – and ultimately assimilated into mainstream in a blink of an eye. And then recycled by fakes and their masters ad nauseam. It also might have seemed that the spiritual renewal that Alan Chapman prophesied in one of his books, with exponential growth of interest in all things magick in the West throughout past few decades, is finally showing its unicornish mug behind tainted and shat upon rainbow of our hopes and dreams. But mostly what happened is time getting tighter together, faster and faster, to a final crunch right ahead of us. SALEM are goners, WHITE RING too; SINS took of his mask and went on to produce more traditional dance music, oOoOO is… ah, forget it. It’s all gone now, isn’t it?

Of course not. As much as the whole thing faded into something bordering on a fad, nothing is ever over. Influences linger and people continue making music. About the self-released 2014 debut by faceless South Serbian producer and Chaos Magick aficionado, I Vacation in Your Hell zine wrote at some point: ‘There are moments when the witch surfaces, but this album is mostly a showcase of the journey of sound. Makes me proud to know bitches are making music this beautiful. Carry on.’

So, on this neat date of 18. 1. 18. we are proud to present the sophomore release by this drag / screwgaze / industrial one-man act – unlike aforementioned debut which strayed into trip-hop and Burial-influenced atmospherics, DRAG†BONES shows reinvigorated enthusiasm for industrial roots of whatever kind of post-whatever is witch house being passed for these days. Less chopped & screwed, more hard-hitting and distorted than its predecessor, it is guaranteed to stir some evil within just about any fan of industrial influenced dance music, not only SALEM nostalgics.

Be sure to check it out here, and show us some love.



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