OUT NOW ON 93DOT93: Nikola Nežit, ‘Triad’ 1/NOV/2016

‘Feathers need to change, but the wings will stay the same’


‘Triad’ artwork by Stefan Mrkonjić, 2016.


In Jacob’s Ladder, a chiropractor angel tells a dying man about Meister Eckhart’s teaching of the nature of Hell and our connection to it. Only part that suffers therein is the part of us that resists change – until burned away and changed all the same. Changes have a natural tendency to drive us towards divinity inside and outside ourselves, death being the final transformation we have to face. Our inability to accept this creates loss, which might be a defining feature of human condition. Loss is equally unavoidable as death and there is but one way around both – acceptance.

Nežit’s new offering is a track record, a grimoire if You will, of striving towards and finally achieving that acceptance. A tremendous personal loss and facing new realities of survival in a country currently transitioning from former Eastern Bloc bad to new Western colonial worse pushed the envelope set by his ODDOT-era material further towards – pop, of all things. Because compelling stuff never needed additional harshness. Minimal, crisp but at the same time raw and even garage-like overall sound, Nežit’s own completely lyrics-oriented and almost hip-hop styled vocal delivery, richly embellished with female vocals, occasional hammering pianos, sampled orchestral stabs and at times truly melancholic guitar-driven sections is what marks this set of shapely pop songs; no solos, no nonsense, just powerful verses and choruses that stick. Three-sided revelations 4 YouTube generation.

Get it here.

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