OUT NOW ON 93DOT93: Dunduew, ‘Frape Duplais’ 25/NOV/2015



“Sleazy died last night… Tonight we’re playing for eternity.”

This would be a loose translation of a text message I’ve received from Dunduew, a little short of five years ago now. I was drunk on the street somewhere in downtown Belgrade, pulling myself together to go back home and have some sleep as the day breaks. I remember, though memory indeed b fvkt – I remember this, or this is how I want to remember it.

And I remember murky inside of Underworld club, shaken irregularly with passing trolley car and subway vibes (‘the void rumbles in, like the underground train’), and herein lies the reason I am starting this announcement with this memory – this excavated 40-minute tour de force of nightmarish and druggy, glitchy, qliphothic mirror of dance oriented, albeit strictly minimal electronica to me is the perfect soundtrack for an aftermath of every party night I’ve spent in clubs, ever.

And adjacent piece, my own reworking of a Dunduew original from the possible ‘Frape’ series, executed live with man himself on the night of our joined tribute to a great influencer and indeed a great man, Peter Christopherson, is to me a perfect companion to this soundtrack. To this day, it fills me with the same infernal feeling of slumber in empty party halls, and apartments which shelter tired and intoxicated bodies, as they crave rest.


93.93 invites You to taste, sample and perhaps grab Yourself a copy of it’s catalogue number 002, Frape Duplais, by Dunduew. You can do it all here.

93.93 Headquarters

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