Video: Pt/Tearpalm – Loop 999 (Čovek sa pokvarenom filmskom kamerom)

MMM///keys, samples, lyrics, voice
Dimitrije///digital bass, synths
Edipa D///drum programming

thanks /// driver @ Daredevil Gamer Show, Radovan Popović

“Autumn sheaves and red leaves’ fall” – 93.93 is pleased to celebrate this Equinox with a new far-out psychedelic psyber thing from Pt/Tearpalm.

Join us for a ride!

93.93 Headquarters

Pt/Tearpalm is a collaboration between Željko Ljubić Pt, Serbian guitar player known for his work with a number of indie bands, most notably Goribor, of which he is a founder member, and which gained significant fame on ex-Yugoslavian spaces, and experimental electronic outfit Tearpalm, occult-driven postindustrial music project with a psychedelic bent.

This is an official promotional video for the first single from their upcoming release. Support them when the moment comes:

Official Soundcloud Page:
Offficial Facebook Page:

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