Presenting: Tearpalm – I. M. E. (2015)


One of the most peaceful times from my childhood in ever-dissolving family was long hours of staring into ashes under the magic of glowing ember, in a wood-fed stove that kept us warm… I saw entire worlds in there. Not only mountains of ash, but a vast totality of invisible existence, ghosts and desert dwellers, worlds of ash and glow, silent and peaceful, almost holy. Not whole of this musical piece, made under appalling circumstances of a forced social demise of an artist within me, a Dark Night of the Soul if You will, a period of cowering in a belly of a whale, is a reflection on this distant and wonderful quiet – but surely, it constitutes it’s most beautiful parts for me. It is also incomplete in some sense, since I do not die easily, and despair does not last long with some of us I guess, but it is a monument to this sudden flash of distant memory that probably would not come to me if things were less dramatic.


Listen to it here, and feel free to drop in a coin or two to support 93.93, there are many great things pending, and it will be most welcome.

93.93 Headquarters

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