Why so Sirius?

A loving cover of (indeed) Legendary Pink Dots’ Needles (Version Sirius) from The Pre-Millennial Single, 1998. Band felt that the time is right to express building tension of world turning fascist again, as seen from the one of the places fascism never really left. To cease to exist as an act of utmost dignity under humiliating circumstances of a society gone rabid with greed, insensitivity, stupidity and violence – truly an old moral conundrum, which everyone will face eventually, provided they live long enough. What originally was a work of a last living genius of psychedelic music, a stunning introspection of a Solar Temple cult member explaining the raw deal to his kid, became a guitar-driven wail from Balkan-bred mud and despair.
93.93 Headquarters

MMM///electronics, keys, voice
Pt///six strings that drew blood
Miloš Dabetić///bass
Edipa Dabetić///additional drum programming

Original song by Edward Ka-Spel / Legendary Pink Dots
Listen / Buy it from the artist directly: https://legendarypinkdots1.bandcamp.c…
Translation / adaptation to Serbian / additional lyrics: MMM

Video by:
MMM (crappy 8mm camcorder, found footage, editing, some post-production, sigil magick)
MM (chief post-production, visual fx, additional found footage, some editing)

Be sure to visit MM online:

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