A New Machine


So, we’re halfway through the 2015, and despite the great liberation that has been achieved through Bandcamp and seemingly lasting comeback of limited edition culture, at least in the area of ‘smart’ or ‘difficult’ music, the spectre of late music industry still hangs about, as if there is simply no way of telling it to sod off for good. Like a ridiculous old ghost, it is unaware of its demise, and no one can be bothered to inform it on this matter. Or maybe there is no need anymore?

What’s the latest big thing You heard of? Last case of vacant barely legal star shoved into our faces ’til we started remember its name?

When was the last time You bought a CD, honestly? What did You do with it? Forgot it in Your car? Spent a nice time listening to it on a fishing weekend, thanks to the fact that You got rid of standalone CD player ages ago by leaving it at the lakeside house, or someone’s lakeside house?

No. In all probability, You ripped it into whatever file format pleases You, and put it away on the shelf. Kind of makes this music more of a commodity than it really is fair, innit? Not all of us music lovers have shelves. Fuck, not all of us have houses to put shelves in.

Especially from where we at 93.93 stand, knee-deep in a transitional Balkan mud, reeking of corporate domination before it ever had a chance to be purified of even older layers of brainwashing shit, it’s hard not to get sickeningly fed up with all these silicone round crap fastened to bags of new detergent, with laser-printed brand new songs of undead local music industry has-beens, howling through latest effects about whatever profane crap their alcoholic ‘lyric person’ spewed out while suffering a nasty hangover.

Make no mistake though – this is not to belittle physical releases in general. On contrary, we at 93.93 intend to honor this precious collectables with keeping them up to date. So, from customized USB sticks, microSD cards, handcrafted or at least neatly conceived packaging and expanded digital downloads that tend to break tracks + cover art paradigm, and invite us deeper into artists’ native worlds of the mind for a closer and more immediate experience and even intervention or collaboration, to standard Bandcamp downloads, it is our intention to bring You a sweet selection of more or less obscure but high quality oddities, musical and otherwise.

Stay tuned.

93.93 Headquarters


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